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AK Beatz, LLC

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AK Beatz LLC is a music production company with a focus on providing music education to our youth. Our mission is to create a hub for creative learning in Central PA. As a team of young, successful, and motivated individuals who are passionate about our careers and the betterment of our community, we are a great solution to the lack of music based programming in our educational system that allows the youth to connect their core curriculum classes to creativity. We believe that the youth do not see us a teachers but as mentors who are working to help them attain a brighter future. Working on something "cool" has kept our interns and students out of trouble and on the right path to taking ownership in one of the many careers in the music or entertainment industry.  

Many students prefer to learn and actually perform better in classes involving music and arts. Traditionally, left brained thinkers are more organized and systematic while right brained thinkers are more creative and intuitive. Many current school programs exercise and test their students' abilities to solve problems in an organized and systematic manor but completely ignore the creative processes that certain individuals may use to understand these problems.  This is why many people feel that they don't use certain methods that they learned in school to solve problems in real-life scenarios.  We feel that an organized method is essential to solving many problems, but many people will need to get creative and intuitive in their workplace or in everyday life to succeed.  For many, a link between creativity and traditional core curriculum classes are a must.

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