David Lynch

David Lynch

Cardboard Sculpture

I have been a working artist for twenty five years.  Over the years, I’ve explored a variety of mediums and developed close working relationships with other artists and craftsmen from multiple disciplines.  My original mural designs eventually led me to working with metal, ceramics, wood, graphic design and, finally cardboard.  I shadowed the celebrated cardboard sculptor, Wayne White, during the design and construction of the enormous sculpture commissioned by York College of Pennsylvania.  As my own sculpture style evolved – quite literal but with a Dr. Seuss flourish -- I have found that cardboard is very accessible to children and adults – an ideal medium for people of all ages, but most especially children – to explore their own creativity.  Whether we explore geologic formations – both artistically and academically – or honor a school’s character education curriculum, cardboard sculpture allows me to conceive of new ways to help children make art that tells an story.

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Age Range:
K-12 and adults