Deborah Nell

Deborah Nell

Visual Arts

Painting on Yupo paper is an adventure into the unknown. I want to guide students in discovering beauty in themselves and in the painting process. As I paint I discover images in the paint and then I further define those images. If the image doesn't work out, I simply wipe it off and start over. Such freedom this gives me! I love teaching others how to create and discover images in the paint as it moves on Yupo paper. Due to Yupo's slick, synthetic surface, the paint moves, ebbs and flows like the elements of our own lives. We can learn to control a measure of our lives, through techniques we have learned but sometimes we need to let go and "see" what the future brings. We learn to trust the process of creating. If we find that our lives become a "mess", we can always start over and begin again. And sometimes, we learn that the "mess" was not a mess after all. We just needed to turn the paper a different direction to get a whole new perspective. I love watching others learn the techniques of painting on Yupo paper. I love helping them realize that their perspective and way of seeing is important and unique to them. Learning to create and let go is a valuable lesson learned by painting on Yupo paper. The lessons learned by painting on Yupo paper can be utilized in other areas of our lives. The balance between control and letting go, taking risks and learning to forgive are a few examples. Mastering painting on Yupo paper brings confidence, you and freedom.

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Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult