Jenny Hill

Jenny Hill

Circus / Movement Artist

When I create a performance, I look for both language and movement that engages, that is verb-rich, and image-driven. I like humor and wordplay, but I also seek the metaphoric in everything I do. When I really enjoy creating and performing the most is when there is a contrast, and an underlying message, a hidden key that my mind and the audience needs to find to unlock the meaning. I seek this meaning in everything I create. It doesn't have to be obvious, and I prefer when it isn't.

I want to be honest with my audiences, I want them to learn, laugh, and enjoy what I am doing onstage. I seek to inspire and connect with them. I expect to learn something when I create performances - about myself, about the world, about the way words and movement click together or fall apart. I love it when I'm writing or performing and something that wasn't clear to me as I was writing or dancing suddenly surfaces, and it takes hold of the work and states "I'm the theme." Or, "here's the metaphor."

I expect myself to be able to work to the point where that happens, to not give up, to be willing to let go for a while and come back to it later to work on the craft of the piece. I expect myself to work. Performance is the rewarding work of excavation. I don't want to merely scratch the surface, I want to discover white lies underneath.

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Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Adult