Joh Ricci

Joh Ricci

Fiber Artist

As a fiber artist, I have worked in a number of techniques throughout the years, although I continue to seize the true spirit of my fiber art in creating one-of-a-kind, contemporary sculptural baskets & vessels, as well as, rekindling my passion for weaving, from which it all began. I challenge myself with the concept of what could be, and work with the notion of independence, resulting in a creative process without constraints.

As an artist and an arts educator, I have found the importance of bringing art to individuals and to nurture the creativity within. I possess the knowledge and a variety of skills in a wide range of structural, as well as surface design fiber techniques, including, but not limited to hand weaving, basketry, braiding, bead weaving, crochet and spinning. Beginning with the simplest element - a thought, an idea, a feeling; one can express themselves in a visual way and find their artists' voice.

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Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adults, Senior Adults