Justin Ayala

Justin Ayala

Technology Arts/Installation/Animation

Trans-disciplinary art is an approach to creative problem solving that merges all core classroom subjects, creating a holistic approach to arts’ integrated education. Combining mathematics, science and history with both traditional (drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, mosaic) and contemporary (performance, installation, technology) art forms, students and teachers in these residencies are given new tools for exploring and understanding the world around them. Through a process of brainstorming, researching, synthesizing and communicating knowledge visually, participants of all ages are opened to an innovative new way to teach, learn and reinforce any subject. Fostering the importance of 21st century skills, teamwork, good decision-making and positive self-expression, trans-disciplinary practices use the arts as a vehicle for stimulating leaning, innovation and social change. From a technology-infused sculpture for your school’s lobby to cutting edge content for your districts social media pages, the trans-disciplinary approach is fully customizable for all ages and learning styles and only limited by your imagination.
Justin Ayala is a practicing artists, VJ, and arts' educator living in York, PA.  Backed by his Mass Communication degree from York College and 15+ years of education experience, Justin has been rostered as a teaching artist in the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Artist in Education program since 2001.  Working both digitally and with traditional media, Ayala has served as a resident artist in over a hundred schools throughout the state and has worked with hundreds of thousands of arts from pre-K through senior citizens. He has exhibited, taught and preformed extensively throughout the country, has been recognized for best practices in arts education by the state of Pennsylvania, and has served as lead artist for over a hundred public, community murals. Justin's entire life is propelled by his insatiable passion for creativity and exploration, a passion that is contagious in any classroom he sets foot. 
I am:
a creative problem solver,
A purveyor of visual manipulation,
a synaesthetic storyteller.
I communicate,
and empower.
I am an artist, period.
...and so are you

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Age Range:
Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior Adult