Ophelia Chambliss

Ophelia Chambliss

Community Artist

As a community artist, I work to help groups visualize their ideas. I specialize in visual messaging that uses graphics, symbols and imagery that communicates ideas and concepts. I assist a variety of stakeholders in the collaboration of a visual project that will allow each of them to have an ownership stake in the development and creation of the project and idea, for a common good and appreciation. The image is an easily understood language and a means of communication no matter how old you are, how well you read and what language you speak.

My work is vibrant, colorful and bold with variations in content, style and technique. Each project that I have worked on is designed to meet the specific needs of the group and their objective. I work in a variety of mediums and surfaces, with an emphasis on public art and permanency.

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Age Range:
Middle, Secondary, Adult, Senior