Phyllis Disher Fredericks

Phyllis Disher Fredericks


Painting excites me! Sharing the creative process excites me! An artist's residency program is the perfect venue - bringing the artist and the student together in an energized environment. My oil paintings are an exploration of space, relationships, and time. The genre of still-life has become the expression of my exploration. Purity of form, color, and articulate composition become the tools. My work has been described as slightly surreal. I think abstractly as I paint - responding not necessarily to the subject, but what the subject conveys. The painting becomes its own language. Through the vehicle of drawing and painting, I teach skills allowing the student to explore his or her creative nature. Students gain strength in observational skills, understanding uniqueness of subject matter, color, form, and light. This new understanding strengthens self-knowledge and self-concept as the creative process continues. Ultimately, the exploration will be one of the inner-self that translates through the subject.

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Age Range:
Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Adults, Senior